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live streaming
online broadcasts
event videography

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Film, stream and share events to online and social media platforms.

event live stream
and video productions

We livestream and video concerts, sporting events, weddings, funerals, conferencesawards, meetings, workshopsvirtual events, school and charity events, throughout the UK.


If your event type is not listed above, get in touch, we can livestream it.  

multi camera
productions and edits

Fuze Spark Live Stream
Fuze Spark Live Stream


broadcast quality

Fuze Spark Live Stream

outside broadcast


cost effective
affordable packages

Fuze Spark Live Stream
Fuze Spark Live Stream

small footprint
unobtrusive setup

Fuze Spark Live Stream

social media
video content





High definition professional video & audio, from up to eifgt camera sources, plus graphics, scoreboards or remote guests.

Live production and editing, where we switch the camera feeds, mix the audio, add any graphics, then encode the footage for streaming.

The footage is streamed via our LiveU bonded LRT encoders, using up to four networks, giving an extremely stable broadcast.

We can livestream to multiple social media platforms or websites.

increase engagement for your event with live video content.

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