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Wedding Live Stream Nottingham


Fuze Live Media can live stream your wedding or marriage ceremony from Nottingham, to family and friends who can't attend in person on your special day.

Through our professional cameras, sound capture and live streaming equipment, we can stream your ceremony to our special wedding page, Facebook, Youtube or any social media platforms. Your invited guest can watch from anywhere around the world on their smart phones, tablets, computers or smart TVs. We even can even record a hard copy version as a personal keep sake.

We also offer to multi camera indoor & outdoor live streaming of your entire wedding day. Please see the examples below or get in touch for a custom quote.

Live Stream Wedding Costs

Wedding Ceremony Live Stream Standard Package Includes:

  • Two HD Camera

  • Streamed to our private wedding platform, where your invited guests can sign in watch from anywhere around the planet. We can also stream to  YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or custom RMTP Website.

  • 3 Microphones

  • Opening 'Welcome' & Closing 'Thank You' screen graphics cards to match your wedding theme.

  • Bonded 4G internet connection.

  • We bring our own power packs and internet connection, everything on one tripod with no floor cables or desk space needed.

  • Suitable for all size venues including small spaces.

  • Ideal for churches, temples, hotels, registry offices, and other places of worship.

  • 30 minutes set up time.

  • 15 minute pack up time.

From £300

Wedding Live Stream Extras

  • Arrival

  • Speeches

  • First Dance

  • Couple leaving

  • Extra footage

  • 3rd Camera

  • Video Graphics or slide show.

Please enquire

Fuze Live Stream Sikh Indian Wedding Derby

How does a live stream work

We are the virtual wedding guest

Think of us as a virtual guest, before the event we set up your live stream destination, branded to your wedding theme. A private link is created, which you send to your invite virtual guest. On the day we arrive at the venue and set up our camera(s) and microphones to capture your wedding ceremony. We then stream to your guest who can watch on their smart phones or devices.

iPhone Live Stream a Wedding

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will my virtual guests see?
    Our cameras will be positioned discreetly, so they don't block anyone's view, but will let your virtual guest feel like they are with you. Ideally we like to position the main camera to the side of the couple and a second camera behind the guests, to get a wide angle shot of your ceremony.

  • What will my virtual guests hear?

    We use radio mics positioned on the groom and or ceremony speaker to pick up your voices, we also provide extra mics to pick up the atmosphere and ambience, we can either connect to the venue sound system for music and singing or use another external microphone.

  • Who will be able to watch my wedding live stream ?
    We create a private link for social media or websites, so only invited guests with the link will be watch and you can also watch replays in the future. 

  • Can you stream outside?

    Yes we have several wireless cameras which can film away from the main area, we can film the arrivals and or departure. Anything you want your virtual guests to see can be streamed.

  • Can you stream my speeches or first dance?

    Yes, any part of your day can be streamed.

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