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Live Stream Funeral Service

Funerals and memorial

Fuzed Media can live stream your loved ones funeral, memorial service, thanksgiving or cremation.

We produce a private funeral broadcast, which can be shared with your family and friends. After the service, a download link will be provide, as a permanent keep sake of your loved ones service.

Our standard funeral live stream package offers two camera, which are operated by professionals, so we can provide a mixture of wide and close up shots.

Our broadcast standard equipment enables us to live stream the funeral from remote locations through out the UK and from inside ancient buildings, such as churches, chapels synagogues and temples, where the internet or mobile coverage is normally weak.

If you would like any more information about live stream a funeral or would simply like to discuss your requirements please call 01332 410052 or email 

Funeral Live Stream

Funeral or Memorial Service
Live Stream
  • Private Link to share the service with family and friends.

  • Unlimited Viewers Online.

  • Available online for 1 month after the service.

  • Download copy available as a permanent keep sake.

  • Two HD Cameras, with professional camera operator, so we can provide a mix of wide and close in shots.

  • Full live editing of the broadcast.

  • Up to 4 microphones positioned to capture the service, readings and music.

  • PA link to capture venue audio.

  • Graphics for Opening 'Welcome' and Closing 'Thank You' messages for your virtual guests.

  • Slide show of photos.

  • We bring our own power packs and internet connection, everything on one tripod with no floor cables or desk space needed.

  • We also bring our own internet connection, through our Bonded 4G internet connections.

  • Suitable for all size venues including intimate spaces.

  • Ideal for churches, temples, crematoriums and other places of worship. We can also live stream outdoors, from rural locations and from inside old stone buildings.

    Prices from £400
Live Stream Optional Extras
  • Multiple locations in the same location - Church and Graveside

  • Multiple locations in different locations - Chapel and Crematory.

  • Three to Four cameras.

  • Video presentation of memories.

Funeral Enquiry Form

Thank you for getting in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you live stream a Funeral or Memorial Service?
    We use our professional standard broadcast cameras and audio equipment to film the services and send the stream to our dedicated Funeral Stream website. Unlike many crematories who use fixed webcams to stream the funeral service, we use a professional camera operator, to film and edit the funeral service, ensuring we capture all the key moments.


  • What will our family and friends see online?
    Our cameras will be positioned discreetly, so they don't block anyone's view, but will let your virtual guest feel like they are with you. Ideally we like to position the main camera is set to one side or higher up. The main camera is operated by a professional camera operator, they will manually control the zoom and focus, respectfully avoiding any sensitive situations. A second camera is usually positioned behind the congregation, to get a wide angle shot of the service and enable us to switch angles when zooming. We can also provide a third or forth camera, to provide extra angles and footage.


  • What will our family and friends hear online?

    We use wireless radio microphones, that we position around the venue to pick up your voices, singing and ambience. We can either connect to the venue sound system or PA for music or use our own external microphone.

  • Who will be able to watch the funeral live stream ?
    We create a private link to our funeral website, so only invited guests with the link will be watch. The service will remain online and viewable for one month after the funeral live stream service has finished. 


  • Could be have a hard copy of the service as a keep sake?
    Yes, we record the live stream onto a hard drive during the live stream, which is sent to you as a download link to keep.


  • Can you stream outside?

    Yes we have several multiple wireless HD cameras which can film away from the main filming area, meaning we can film the funeral cortege arrivals and or departure. Our broadcast equipment means we can live stream graveside or multiple locations including woodland burial sites.

  • Can you live stream the burial, cremation, committal or wake?

    Yes, any part of your day can be live streamed.

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