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Live Stream Promotion


Fuzd Media can live stream promotions, product launches and marketing to customers, students & colleagues, who can't attend in person.


Through our professional cameras, sound and live streaming equipment, we can stream the service to social media platforms or a bespoke private link, which can be broadcast anywhere around the world.

We can bring in multiple Zoom guests, add graphics, logos & Power Point Presentations, also include pre-recorded videos or live overhead presentations. Contact us at 


* Up to 4 cameras and microphones can be provided at extra cost.

A min of two cameras allows us to have a wide shot or alternative angle of the venue as well as the main operated camera that can be re-framed when the viewer is watching the wide shot.

** Wireless bounded 4g connection can be provided at extra cost, subject to site testing.

***All Prices Exclude Milage which will need to be added as well as Hotel & Food if applicable.

A Full Non Refundable 20% deposit is required at the time of booking.


  • 1 x fixed postion camera & tripod.*

  • 1 x Camera Operator & Live Stream Engineer.*

  • Broadcast to a single destination, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo etc. 

  • One radio mics is included to capture sound or we can use the venues sound system if suitable. 

  • Complete video available post event via a downloadable link. 

  • Zoom or Teams guests.

  • Hard wire internet connection required.**

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